Polypropylene R60

PP plastic material is one of the types of plastics that is available in simple and fibrous types. PP materials have many uses in the world and sometimes this polymer is called universal. The chemical formula of this polymer is -CH2-CH (CH3) n- and it is one of the most basic polymers in the world. The material r40, c30s, r60 and z30s is a thermoplastic consisting of the polymerization of propylene at a relatively mild temperature and pressure in the presence of a Ziegler-Nata catalyst. The presence of catalysts in this polymer increases the crystallization percentage of this material.



Types of Polypropylene grades

PP plastic materials are generally divided into two categories. Homopolymer, which is formed by polymerization of pp monomer, and type of copolymer, which is formed by polymerization with ethylene comonomer. PP material products are formed in different grades. It should be noted that the purchase of polypropylene materials or the price of fibrous materials are different in different types.

Film grade: In this type, it is a linear hydrocarbon polymer.
Pipe grade: Production of pressurized water pipes
Medical grade: Production of medical equipment and disposable devices in the field of medicine
Grade Rafia

Uses of polypropylene

Injectable PP materials: The main use of PP plastic products is in this category, which includes the production of electrical and electronic equipment, home appliances, packaging industry, automotive industry, caps and caps, medical devices and… are used. The price of injectable PP materials is very reasonable.
Fibers: This group ranks second in the consumption of PP materials. Fiber materials are also widely used in various textile industries and are widely used.
Inflatable: Ander is used to produce various tanks, cans and bottles.
Films and sheets: Includes graphic films and printing of packaging sheets.
Pipe: Polypropylene is also widely used in the production of water and sewage pipes.
Sheath and shield: Shells and cables are also made of PP.

Technical Specification

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