What is hdpe granule?

.Heavy-duty polyethylene or HDPE pneumatic plastic material is known as the best type of plastic in the world and the most common plastic material
They use HDPE resins due to their hardness, resistance to cracking, temperature and blurring. Pneumatic granules are a type of polyethylene granules that apart from being produced in the form of granules, they are also produced in the form of powder. Its powder is more useful for plastic finished products that do not need granules. But to produce granules, they must also go through the steps of turning them into granules

What is Pneumatic Heavy Polyethylene?

Pneumatic plastic material is a transparent and non-polar material and therefore has a high chemical resistance. This material has good impact resistance and cold temperatures. This material is widely used in the production of plastic products. To produce this type of products by this material, blow molding or pneumatic molding is used
Pneumatic molding is used to produce hollow plastic products without the need to assemble separate mold parts. Therefore, it is used on resins such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate to produce a variety of containers and containers

What are the applications of pneumatic plastic materials?

This wonderful material is used to produce all kinds of containers and bottles. Among these products, the following can be mentioned
Production of liquid bottles (shampoo bottles, engine oil, air conditioners, play structures and…
Production of household utensils
Production of industrial utensils
Construction of sanitary tanks
Construction of fuel tanks
Production of water tanks
Production of waste bins

Specifications of heavy pneumatic polyethylene
Inflatable plastic materials are available in colorless and colored types in the market. The colorless sample uses higher quality materials to produce it and has better tensile strength and much less impurities. The  features of this material include the following
It is of filament type and is used to produce it by filament granule method
Has a uniform and uniform granulation
Has different grades with various colors
It is completely transparent

Advantages of using pneumatic plastic material

As mentioned, this material is one of the most popular products among manufacturers. Today, environmental pollution is destroying the environment due to the release of plastic waste. By using this type of waste in granulation, these materials can be properly returned to the production cycle and thus prevent environmental pollution
There are also many industries that need plastic raw materials for their production process; Therefore, they have to spend a lot of money to buy heavy polyethylene and this type of raw material. By using different types of granules in the manufacturing industry, production costs can be greatly reduced

Types of HDPE grades:

This product is produced and marketed in various grades. These grades are produced by petrochemicals such as Bandar Imam, Bakhtar, Jam, Shazand Arak and Maroon. In the following, we will introduce you to its two widely used and well-known grades

Heavy-duty polyethylene 0035:

Granules have high chemical resistance due to high crystallinity and are obtained from the polymerization of ethylene. The high resistance of this polyethylene to environmental stresses makes the products made of this material last in cold and heat and suffer from cracking and Do not break. Due to the low flexibility of 0035 polyethylene granules, it is used in the production of products that require high strength and require a  rigid body
That is why the products produced 0035 have good impact resistance. They are fractures and will not be easily damaged

Granular applications:

Manufacture of safety equipment
Construction of water tanks
Making toys
Manufacture of pipes and fittings
Production of plastic parts

Heavy-duty polyethylene bl3:

This type has similar applications as grade 0035 for the production of pneumatic containers. Today, industries such as the packaging industry, construction, electronics, toy industry and  use plastic. This type is available in different types in the market. on grade, off grade


Polyethylene HDPE



Buy heavy pneumatic polyethylene:

Vista Polymer Poyesh Company has produced and sold HDPE pneumatic plastic materials using the highest quality materials, and thus has met the needs of manufacturers who need granules. This product is offered to customers in special packages or 25 kg

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