What is granule

What is granule?

Granules are not a type of polymer, but a special form of polymer material that has been granulated for ease of use.

Polymers produced in petrochemicals are produced in a special form called granular materials for ease of use.

Granules can be made from new polymers and used in various plastic industries, including the production of rubber, power cables, and a variety of packaging materials.

In addition, the recycling of waste plastic into expandable pellets is expanding and they are the raw material for many industries, including rubber, asphalt and the main fuel for the furnace.



Types of granules:

polyethylene granules

This type has a crystalline structure and is produced in a light, linear and even high molecular weight form.
Application: lightweight polyethylene is used to produce plastic bags and packaging materials, and linear lightweight polyethylene is used in the production of power and communication cables.

High molecular weight polyethylene can also be used to produce parts for industrial machinery and bulletproof clothing.

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polypropylene granules

The special structure of this polymer, which takes the form of a ball and is the second most widely used thermoplastic after polyethylene, includes two different types known in the textile industry such as PP and chemical PP.
Application: It is used to produce products such as toys and liquid bottles.

polyurethane granules

A type of transparent polymeric material that transmits light in this way and is used in the production of products as diverse as automobile lamps and medical equipment.

polystyrene granules

Synthetic polymers have three types: regular, durable and tensile, and the most common type is transparent GPPS.
Application: The expansion type is used to make the ionolite and thermal insulation of the building and the resistance type is used to produce the freezer body. It is also widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Granule applications:

The main application of granules is their use as raw materials in the production of plastic products. The granules are commonly used in powder and flakes for their many benefits.

The granules, both new and recycled, can be used in various areas of the plastics industry. Depending on the sensitivity in some industries, the use of recycled granules is prohibited.

But in general, recycled granules are used in most industries due to their high added value.


In this article, what is the definition of granules and we examined the applications found in the polymer and plastic industries.

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