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What is pneumatic granule?

What is hdpe granule?

.Heavy-duty polyethylene or HDPE pneumatic plastic material is known as the best type of plastic in the world and the most common plastic material They use HDPE resins due to their hardness, resistance to cracking, temperature and blurring. Pneumatic granules…

What is granule

What is granule? Granules are not a type of polymer, but a special form of polymer material that has been granulated for ease of use. Polymers produced in petrochemicals are produced in a special form called granular materials for ease…

Presence of Vista Polymer in Isfahan Plast Exhibition, May 2022

Isfahan Plast specialized exhibition was held as the country’s first specialized rubber and plastic exhibition since 2010 in Isfahan Industrial City. During more than a decade, this exhibition has gained a very good position as a regional and national exhibition…
Synthetic polymers

What is a synthetic polymer?

Why do polymers have different properties? In polymers, monomers are linked together by various molecular interactions. The nature of these interactions causes different elasticity, tensile strength, thermal stability and hardness in these polymers. Polymers with different properties are listed below.…