Presence of Vista Polymer in Iran Plast International Exhibition,February 2022

After two years of experiencing multiple peaks due to the globalization of the Covid 19 virus, the work and industry cycle was returning to normal, with a new strain once again upsetting the equations. Just a fewdays before the 15th Iran Plast International Exhibition. Amicron was released nationwide and there was no escaping it

.In such circumstances, no one expected us to see an exhibition that lacked nothing of its best periods

The visit of the Minister of Oil, the deputies of this ministry as well as the managers of the Ministry of Silence, members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, senior managers of the country’s petrochemicals and a large number of managers and experts in the decision-making and legislative sectors. Gave

The holding of specialized meetings and the presence of foreign trade delegations and businessmen from neighbors, as well as for the first time from South America, according to those present at the exhibition and in several B2B meetings, were other indicators of this period of Iran Plast

.Everything seems to have an acceptable and respectable record

The big event and gathering of the 15th Iran Plast exhibition also came to an end. Certainly, the growing petrochemical and polymer industry in the country, relying on domestic strength and, of course, hoping for Borjam to compete in the international arena, will rise to provide more modern technologies and innovations in the future period of Iran Plast


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