Heavy-duty polyethylene or pneumatic plastic material is known as the best type of plastic in the world and the most common plastic material. HDPE resins are used because of their hardness, resistance to cracking, temperature and blur. Pneumatic granules are a type of polyethylene granules that apart from being produced in the form of granules, they are also produced in the form of powder.



This wonderful material is used to produce a variety of containers and bottles. These products include the following:

Production of liquid bottles (shampoo bottles, engine oil, air conditioners, play structures, etc.)
Production of household utensils
Production of industrial utensils
Construction of sanitary tanks
Construction of fuel tanks
Production of water tanks
Production of waste bins
And …

Types of HDPE grades

This product is produced and marketed in various grades. These grades are produced by petrochemicals such as Bandar Imam, Bakhtar, Jam, Shazand Arak and Maroon. In the following, we will introduce you to its two widely used and well-known grades.

Heavy-duty polyethylene 0035

This type has high hardness and impact resistance and is used to produce detergents and medicines and all bottles and small containers. This type of grade has high crystallinity against chemical agents.

Heavy-duty polyethylene bl3

This type has similar applications as grade 0035 for the production of pneumatic containers. Today, industries such as the packaging industry, construction, electronics, toy industry and use plastic. This type is available in ON GRADE and OOF GRADE types in the market.

Technical Specifications

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